Dear ladies and gentlemen,

In 2015 the company CASPER CONSULTING a.s. celebrated already the 20th anniversary since its establishment.

During this period CASPER CONSULTING a.s. has cooperated with a number of prominent partners. Česká konsolidační agentura, J.P. Morgan Investment Bank, BNY Mellon, Raiffeisenbank, the Banking Group Santander and others have belonged to them.

With passing time CASPER CONSULTING a.s. has transformed from a narrowly specialised company focused on collection and servicing of receivables and portfolios with receivables into a Group of companies with a significantly wider scope of activities. This consequently led to changes in the organisational structure, which was finished by a merger of collection activities under the company CASPER UNION s.r.o. during 2015 and also the new organisational and capital structure of the Group under the holding company CASPER GROUP a.s was completed at the same time.

At current time 8 companies belong to the CASPER GROUP a.s. in total, with focus on collection and servicing of receivables, consulting activity, stock holding, administration and lease of real estates, financial leasing, credits for transportation machines, alternative energy sources and Internet projects.

We are going to continue in keeping an eye out for opportunities on the collection market, broadening our activities on the real estate market and searching for interesting investment opportunities and domestic as well as foreign acquisitions in this year and in the years to come.

Andrej Ivaškovič
Statutory Director