Liquidity increase by sale of receivables

Sale of company assets is a usual solution of problems with liquidity, however, sale of receivables is not usually on the first place and at the same time, these are assets that mostly lose their value the quickest. In case of a creditor, considering the sale of his receivables is a very rational appreciation and also a rational decision about the preference of his own business instead of solving this issue. This is one of the possibilities of the sale of the creditor’s assets, where also problems with liquidity play a role except of these factors.

Sale of production assets is usually out of question but sale of receivables, and this especially those ones after maturity, receivables against entities in distraint, insolvency or against such ones where settlement of the receivable is connected with a litigation, gives you the possibility to gain liquidity fast and satisfy your creditors, gain cash, pay taxes and thus, in fact improve your balance and stabilise your company.

We can purchase the receivables or portfolios with receivables to our account practically immediately after a short due diligence and price agreement. Compared to the majority of other interested parties, we have sufficient capital to purchase extensive portfolios with receivables.