Operations with liabilities

We also offer services on the other side of the balance-sheet and this is solution of the client’s liabilities. These services may be divided into passive and active ones.

Passive solution is a sort of debt relief of the client/debtor when we take over his liabilities with his approval and try to negotiate gradual repayment of these liabilities according to his possibilities. We can also perform a change in the person of the debtor if need be and this would occur by the debt’s takeover or by accession to the debt. It is either about a real exchange of the person of the debtor or about our accession to your debt liability and thus also strengthening of your creditor’s confidence. In this way, it is possible to significantly decrease the danger that creditors would file a bankruptcy proposal. Another possibility is to pay these liabilities for the client directly and subsequently agree the date and way of their repayment that may occur also in a non-monetary form. These operations do not have an immediate impact on liquidity of your company.

In case of active solutions, we can seek the liabilities of your creditors and mediate their sale to you or purchase them to our account. This would result in offsetting of these receivables and your liabilities. There is a potential accompanying effect here in the form of potential profit resulting from the difference between the purchase price of the receivable and the face value of your liability.