Swaps, factoring and other operations

There is a number of tools for solution of receivables and liabilities whereas these can be also combined in different ways if need be. In more complicated cases, we can suggest a specific way of solution. Exchange of receivables and liabilities that means settlement of your liabilities by receivables represent an elegant way. In this case, we will arrange purchase of the receivable against your creditor for a market price and then it will be possible to offset your liability against the purchased receivable. In case that another entity proceeds against you in this way, it is possible to increase your credit balance and thwart this operation in a similar way.

In individual cases, a sale of your future receivable (factoring) regressively or also regression free is possible. Multiple offsetting, capitalization of receivables, gradual redemption of the client’s liabilities from financial means gained by sale of the client’s receivables (ledger management) and other ways including consulting in all relationships in the area of receivables belong to further course of actions.