Rating of receivables and early alerts

Assessment of receivables is usually the first necessary step. It is appropriate to perform it both before court as well as out-of-court enforcement of the receivable. We take due note of two dozen signs in case of each receivable, on whose basis we determine the rating of your receivable with help of statistical methods. The result of rating in percentages expresses the rate of return of the given receivable (value) and it usually moves within the range between its tax depreciation and face value minus costs connected with its collection and time discount. If your company is burdened by a large volume of receivables and you would like to have a clear and quick answer as regards the rate of return of this item, we will assess your receivables in the form of a due diligence, whose aim is a comprehensive overview and classification of all your receivables.

Early alert systems track and evaluate the credibility of your business partners. We continuously monitor the situation of your business partners and this in the way, which captures a number of factors documenting their stability and probable development. This service is especially useful in case of customers who did not meet their liabilities in time already in the past and in whose case, there is usually a certain “credit line” provided after the previous remedy at continuing business cooperation. The early alert service preventively and very effectively prevents the rise of new receivables in such a way that your receivables are being immediately and regularly reminded.