Our services

We offer purchase, security, reassignment of receivables and other financial services

Purchase of receivables

If you are interested in monetization of your receivables due to any reason, we will purchase them for the market price.

Ensuring liquidity by receivables

Another possibility, how to gain liquidity quickly, is to get a loan and pledge your receivables for a certain period and under conditions set in advance.

Reassignment of receivables

You will gain operational capital by turning your receivables into cash in the form of innovative reassignment of the portfolio with receivables very quickly.

Liquidity increase by sale of receivables

If you are interested in quick monetization of your receivables due to any reason, we can offer you their purchase for the negotiated price.

Revitalization by sale of share

If the company has a good business plan but it is in an economically unstable situation, we can offer you financing in the form of business share takeover.

Guaranteed yield from portfolio

Contractually guaranteed yield from receivables will ensure a fixed income to you regardless of our success with the collection.

Operations with promissory notes and security over receivables

We can secure your receivable by a promissory note to increase its enforceability or if you already have a promissory note at your disposal, then to take it over from you and enforce it.

Business Intelligence

We analyse the overall economic condition of the company, for example whether it is able to finance its liabilities from its own sources, trends in economic data of financial statements, equity volume, etc.

Rating of receivables and early alerts

We take due account of more than two dozen indicators in case of each receivable, on whose basis we determine rating of the receivable with help of statistical methods.

Swaps, factoring and other operations

The mentioned services can be combined in various ways or it is possible to suggest individual way of solution in more complicated cases.

Operations with liabilities

Debt relief of our client in the form of takeover and accession to debt and other services on the side of liabilities according to your possibilities.

Protection from takeover

We will perform an analysis of weaknesses and suggest appropriate protection strategies.